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The Gentle Winds Orchestra is a complete entertainment package. Their musicianship is impeccable. Their showmanship is outstanding. And their connection with the audience is immediate. Plus, they are nice people, willing to share their time, equipment and expertise to make sure your event is a success. I couldn't recommend them more highly. -
     Catherine Jelsing, executive director, Prairie Village Museum, Rugby,N.D
"What a wonderful show all of you put on for us in Granville tonight. We were privelidged to have you here with us to help raise funds for the food pantry and Womens Way. I hope that we can have you back again soon. A lot of people are going to be wishing that they would have made it out to see you. I'm glad I'm one of the ones who did. Just a fabulous show!"
"Thanks for adding me Steve! What a wonderful show last night. I came home and called my 82 year old father in Toledo to tell him about the show. He was so jealous. :) Thank you again for a wonderful evening!"
    Tess from Granville ND referring to GW concert 25 Aug. 2011

"Gentle Winds Orchestra: 

I greatly enjoyed your music and video on the Flood Relief Telethon....

the music helped make the Telethon.  Admittedly, I had never heard of your band and just love it!!! I'm happy to know this type of music and style is available in North Dakota....


I missed the Rugby Pioneer Village Day, as I am a member.... after doing an internet search I was able to find out more about your music. Keep up the great work and don't change a thing!!!!


Thanks for the Telethon performance!!!!!" 

        Allen from Rolette ND referring to GW performances  "Bring Back the Magic" Telethon aired 12 Sept. 2011


"I was going to drop you an email on Tuesday but the week has slipped by.  I wanted to express how I so enjoyed your performance during the Bring Back The Magic Telethon.  Thank You." 
    Operations Manager, Clear Channel Radio Minot ND


"Your patriotic performance at the Anamoose All-School Reunion 2011 was fabulous!  Everyone I  have spoken with said they enjoyed it immensely.  When people learned we were having another All-School Reunion in five years, they said they would love to have you back for a repeat performance. 

 All I can say is that The Gentle Winds Orchestra with Sisters by Choice provided the perfect segue into our reunion fireworks finale.  The combination of honoring our veterans and soldiers, to being entertained with your patriotic performance, to our fireworks finale was the highlight of our All-School Reunion.  Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, and wonderful talents. The Gentle Winds Orchestra provided the icing on the cake.

  Thank you again for "your energy, enthusiasm, and wonderful talents."  Anamoose loved you!"
Bonnie from Anamoose, ND

"Java Jive Jazz"

"Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of Music., A comment we had -  "The best we've ever had!!" The weather didn't help but you definately warmed up our stage with your great talent. Thanks again." 
    The James Memorial Board, Williston,  ND

"Many thanks to you and your group for participating in the reunion variety show. We've heard many good comments on your performance."
     Diane, Minot ND

"I wanted to personally thank you for your gift of time and talent during "ARtfest 2005" We appreciate your contribution to further our mission of enriching lives throught the arts!" 
   Executive Director, Taube Museum of Art, Minot ND

"Sisters by Choice"

"Thank you for performing at Senior Day at the 2005 ND State Fair. You were definately a crowd favorite. You are all very talented. Thanks again-
   Amanda NDSF Staff





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